Food is one of my all time favourite things. And if you’re looking at this page, you’re probably just like me.

I like shopping for food, I like eating food. I like eating out at restaurants and trying new dishes. I like the social aspect of food. I like eating at home with friends or family. I like talking about food and reading about food. I like looking in recipe books and cutting out recipes that look tasty. I copy them by hand or cut them out of magazines and stick them in a recipe scrapbook I started years ago. I like sharing recipes with other people and receiving their favourites. I like trying new recipes. I started my “experimental Sundays” for just that purpose. I like the ethics of food. I like sustainability, ethical food decisions and conscientious food waste.

So the Food section of this site is going to be just all sorts of information, resources, photos of, and thoughts on food.

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And for a ‘taste’ (aha, see what I did there?) of what’s to come, some of the food related things I’ll be blogging about at some point:

  • garlic, caffeine, honey, sugar (“sugar is the devil” as a past lecturer of mine used to say), nuts, fish, sprouts (food types – you get the idea)
  • vitamin D (my favourite vitamin – if you can have a favourite – or is it like children, they’re all loved equally??)
  • buying food, organic food in Sydney (location specific at this stage, sorry any non-Sydney readers), farmer’s markets
  • seasonal eating – this will be a series – what’s currently in season and recipe ideas
  • eating habits, social eating, restaurants, cafes
  • fats – saturated (not the enemy in my opinion – you just have to get the right ones), trans-fat, butter
  • growing your own, food scraps, eggs and keeping chickens

and if I get through that lot, I’ll have to come up with more ideas (or ask my delightful readers for some)


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