Being healthy. So many different opinions on what health is, how to achieve it and how not to.

Some people believe vegetarianism or veganism is the only way to be truly healthy. Some believe you can’t be completely healthy without including some meat or animal products into your diet. Some believe you should restrict yourself from having any sugar, wheat, dairy, salicylates or nuts (and for some people with intolerances or allergies this is clearly a very good idea).

Some people follow fad diets – Atkins diet, macrobiotic diet, Mediterranean diet, raw food diet, fruit flush diet, paleo diet, instinct diet, 17 day diet, 4 day diet,  cookie diet (!), I could go on.

Some people run every day. Some go to the gym and push weights or do an aerobics class. Some go to cross-fit gyms. Some cycle to work. Some play social or competitive sports. Some practice yoga, Pilates or meditate. Some swim in the ocean every day of the year (even the really cold days??!!). Some do martial arts or boxing. Some do zumba, piloxing,  hula-hooping or aqua cycling.

Some take vitamins, herbs or protein supplements.

Some people do none of the above and still seem to maintain a fairly healthy existence.

So what am I going to be talking about? Good question. I’m just going to approach some health conditions and health topics in a way that will hopefully be easy to implement into most people’s daily life. Sometimes even small changes can make big differences.

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Natural therapies for your health and happiness

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