I’ll admit that the title of this page is actually a bit misleading. The page isn’t going to be about ‘getting happy’ because being happy, while a wonderful feeling, is usually only a fleeting one. This page is going to be more about contentedness, satisfaction with life, family and friends, community, love, humour and laughing, music, nature and pets. There will also be some attention drawn to the more negative emotions we all feel at some time or another and my approach to these. To me a full life is one where we can embrace the lows and build our character by sustaining ourselves and others at just these times. Anyone else with me on this?

Although ‘Get Happy’ just sounded catchier than all of that and fitted better into the website name. So there you are. That’s the real reason for the page title.

There are blogs coming up for this section as well so your email address in that subscription box to the right will see you laughing and/or crying your way to a more full and satisfying life (no guarantees, but there might be something you find interesting).


Natural therapies for your health and happiness

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