My name is Georgina McIntyre and I am a qualified Naturopath. I also hold a degree in Psychology and this combination has shaped my interest in the relationship between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I believe that good health is essential to a full and happy life and this is what has motivated me to set up this blog/website – to encourage any visitors to the site to aim for optimum health and vitality and offer simple, easy ways to incorporate this into their existing lifestyle.

For prevention: Much of the research into chronic diseases that has emerged in recent years has emphasised the importance of taking care of your health through diet and lifestyle choices, yet there is so much advice and much of is conflicting. A simple, common sense approach to health is part of the naturopathic philosophy.

As a treatment: Almost any condition that you would visit your GP for can be approached using natural therapies. Herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy can be used separately or combined to address conditions ranging from a simple cold to diabetes and arthritis. Take a look under the ‘Naturopathy’ or ‘Homeopathy’ tabs under this heading for more details on treatment options and how your health could benefit from using natural therapies.


Natural therapies for your health and happiness

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